Discover the unique opportunity of owning a whisky barrel with Good George Distilling. Our Barrel Ownership Programme is designed to make the journey of whisky creation as enjoyable as the final product.

Whether you're a novice or a connoisseur, we guide you through every step of the process. From selecting your ownership level and choosing your barrel type to participating in the whisky production and aging process, we ensure you're part of the adventure from grain to glass. Join us and create something truly special with your own personal barrel of whisky.

Step 1
Select Your Ownership Level

Choose the level of ownership that suits your preferences and budget. Options include 10% shares, half barrels, and full barrels.

Ownership Levels:
  • 10% Share: Approx. 30 bottles
  • Half Barrel: Approx. 125 bottles
  • Full Barrel: Approx. 250 bottles

Step 2
Choose Your Barrel Type & Malt Selection

Select the type of barrel and malt for your whisky, or let our experts make the choice for you.

Barrel Types:
  • Ex Bourbon: Classic flavours of coconut, vanilla, honey, caramel.
  • Virgin American Oak: Fresh oak with a smooth caramel buttery finish.
  • Ex Pinot: Fruity notes of raspberry, strawberry, red currants, lightly spiced.

Choose your Whisky:
  • New Zealand Single Malt: Made with great care & pride, this single malt whisky has been distilled with 100% New Zealand grown malted barley.
  • Peated New Zealand Single Malt: The same malted barley used in our standard Single Malt is sent through a smoker using 100% New Zealand Peat. The resulting malt is infused with a traditional mild, soft earthy with phenols 50+ppm as standard. If you are a freak for the peat, we can even customise the phenol levels upon request!

Step 3
Whisky Production

Your chosen ingredients are processed through mashing, distillation, and then filled into the barrel.

Production Process:
  • Mashing: Grains are converted to sugary wort.
  • Distillation: Wort is fermented and distilled into new make spirit.
  • Barrel Filling: The spirit is filled into your chosen barrel.

Step 5

The whisky matures in the barrels for a minimum of five years. During this time, it develops its complex flavours as it interacts with the wood and the surrounding environment.

Aging Process:
  • Maturation: The whisky absorbs flavours from the oak and undergoes chemical changes.
  • Angel’s Share: A small amount of whisky evaporates each year, known as the angel’s share.
  • Monitoring: Regular sampling ensures the whisky is aging as expected.

Step 6

Once the whisky has reached its desired maturity, it is carefully bottled. This is the final step before it reaches your glass.

Bottling Process:
  • Filtering: The whisky is filtered to remove any impurities.
  • Bottling: The whisky is poured into bottles and sealed.
  • Labelling: Bottles are labelled and packaged for distribution.