The barrel itself is a critical part of the whisky-making process. The wood of the barrel interacts with the whisky, imparting key flavours and complexity to the final product while also removing impurities and creating a smoother finish.

Not surprisingly, different kinds of barrels produce different flavours. As a member of People's Cut, you will have the option to choose from several barrel types, based on your preferred flavour profile.

  • If you like whisky with bright, fruity notes, the Ex-Pinot casks from New Zealand vineyards provide flavours of raspberry, strawberry, red currants, and earthy spices.
  • Virgin American Oak is the way to go for a smooth, buttery finish with a hint of vanilla and oak, the new charred barrels offer caramel tones and warmth.
  • Alternatively, if you prefer richer, spicier profiles, the Ex-Bourbon barrels from America lend whisky flavours of coconut, honey, and leather, along with almond and butterscotch undertones.
  • For a unique flavour adventure, try an Ex-IPA barrel. The blend of distilled Good George IPA and first-fill bourbon casks, offers vibrant citrus zest, subtle herbal notes, and hints of apple sweetness, all enhanced by the comforting touch of vanilla.

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